Meet Evan

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Evan Space for Governor

A lifelong resident of the great lake state of Michigan and a pioneering entrepeanuer in small bussiness with an aspiring goal to bring a fresh new life of economic growth and development back to his home state.  The go getter that  will place our  state back to the top of the charts by doing away with broken politics and  unbalanced political agendas. The equalitist and visionary of Michigan and what it's potential can become, phenomenal!

A Michigander and member of the communitty

Military and growing opportunistic entrepeaneur

 "I believe that I have been put into this opportunity to improve our states economy to be the best it can be and become the great state I grew up in."     Evan Space, 2017

      Born in Traverse City Michigan and livning  as  a resident  his  entire life, Evan has seen many changes to the great state residing throughout West Michigan; understandig the econnomic changes we have undergone as Michigan has changed over the years.  With the family that was inspired to travel all over the state  camping at state parks, he has been from the Upper Peninsula all the way down to Lower Michigan over to Detroit and to many other places. Exploration and experience are a driving motion  towards his inspiration to run for governor of the state seeing how great we have it here.  As a Boy Scout from the Rockford Michigan area Evan began to understand the importance of how our environment needs protection in the state with  the significance of being a good role model and an active member of the community.  His knowledge of education systems he attended  has given him prosepective about the safeguarding of education.  Becomig self employed at a young age out of high school  he  has been an entrepeneur outside of the workforce and having a few various jobs throughout his years.  Evan continued to run his own company window washing company for the last 17 years.  As time went on he was enlisted  in the Michigan Army National Guard in 2008 as a Combat Engineer. In two seperate Sapper Engineer units he  served and did one  deployment to Afghanistan  under the operation Afghanistan Enduring Freedom  for nearly a year.   After being deployed and being in the service four years Evan was  promoted to the rank of sergeant  in the Sapper Combat Engineers in the Upper Peninsula.  He continued service in the military for a total of eight years while spending his time in three companies  and recently completed his last year 2016. The time of his military service has taken place during his pursued education in Political Science at  Grand Valley State University while he wrestled for the  Lakers four years. He also was a cadet in the ROTC program for Western Michigan University prior to his deployment which also led to his pursuance of Governor.     As an active part of the community Evan is a Masonic member and plans  to join membership with a VFW hall.  His desired goals in life are to be placed into a position that he can make the best changes possible for a great state like Michigan and become a Governor that makes our economy the best it can become!